Website Categorization API & Databases

We provide leading AI Content Classification API based on IAB and other widely used taxonomies.

Our Categorization Databases/Datasets are used in leading AdTech, Telecom and other companies.

Main Features

High accuracy, support for the widely trusted IAB taxonomy (version 2 and version 3), access to analytics platform with 5+ million already IAB categorized domains and 1+ million Shopify stores.

Support for IAB taxonomy / Google Shopping Taxonomy

Our classifiers categorize websites according to IAB taxonomy (version 2 and version 3) as well as Google Shopping Taxonomy (appropriate for eCommerce websites).

Highly accurate

Our AI based IAB and eCommerce categorization APIs are highly accurate and have been trained on millions of websites/products.

Analytics platform

Access to our leads analytics platform with 15+ metrics / metadata for each of 5+ million already IAB categorized domains and 1+ million Shopify stores.

Use Cases of IAB categorization

AdTech, Personalization

  • Our content classification API allows highly accurate and detailed categorization of websites/URLs, which can be used by many participants in the AdTech ecosystem: Ad Exchanges, DSPs, SSPs, Ad Networks.

  • Companies use our API to categorize domains of their clients, which allows them to offer personalized communication, at scale.

  • Classify creatives, influencers for all major social media platforms, using our service.

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eCommerce categorization - Use Cases

Get more sales through highly detailed categorization

Highly accurate product categorization service allows you to improve the shopping experience for your customers, making it easier for them to find what they need.
Other benefits include: enhanced SEO performance, personalized recommendations, simplified inventory management, targeted marketing campaigns and more.

Analytics Platform

Get Insights from millions of domains and online stores

Our platform allows you to get insights from millions of domains and online stores. You can use our platform to find new leads, analyze your competitors, find new partners, and more.

  • For each of millions of domains, we also determined technologies they use (out of 2000+ that we track), which allows you even better way to find leads, analyze websites and more.

  • Our platform is also used for niche research, you can e.g. find all domains using Google AdSense and belonging to specific niche, like Travel.


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