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Frequently asked questions

What is Website Categorization?

The practice of automatically classifying websites into one or more predetermined categories based on their content, structure, and other features is known as website categorization using machine learning.

A website's data is analyzed using machine learning algorithms, which then classify it into the right category.

This makes webpages easier to comprehend and classify for businesses and search engines, making them easier to find and index.

What is IAB Taxonomy?

The iAB Taxonomy is a classification system designed by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) to assist digital marketers in identifying the topics and sub-topics of content used in their campaigns. .

It is the most popular taxonomy in digital advertising and is used to classify and assign subjects to digital material..

The taxonomy has numerous levels, with each level reflecting a distinct content category. The level with the broadest scope is the Top Level, which contains the most important content categories, such as Automotive, Business & Finance, and Technology..

This level is followed by Sub-Levels, which contain more particular themes and sub-topics pertaining to the Top Level category. For instance, the Automotive Top Level would contain sections for Automobiles, Trucks, and Motorcycles..

The most specific level is the Sub-Sub Level, which comprises the most in-depth topics connected to the Sub-Level categories, such as Car Makes and Models..

The iAB Taxonomy is an essential tool for digital marketers since it enables them to precisely target and measure the efficacy of campaigns. By leveraging the taxonomy, marketers can rapidly determine which subjects and sub-topics are being used in their campaigns, enabling them to more effectively target their audiences.

What are use cases of Website Categorization?

Categorization of websites can be used in a variety of ways, such as to optimize search engine results, increase content discovery, target advertising, and filter unsuitable content.

In addition to facilitating content discovery, website categorization improves website classification. By categorizing websites, consumers are able to discover relevant content that they might not have discovered otherwise. This could be utilized alongside other discovery techniques, such as recommendation engines.

Advertisers can also gain from categorizing websites. By categorizing websites, advertisers can better target their advertisements to viewers who are interested in the types of information their advertisements promote. This can improve the effectiveness of their advertising campaigns.

Website classification can also be used to filter unwanted information. By classifying websites, it is easier to evaluate which types of content are inappropriate for specific audiences. This can ensure that users are not exposed to potentially improper content.