Plans for API and Dashboard use.

$59 /month
  • 5000 API calls / Month
  • AI based real-time categorization
  • Full-path URL categorization
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$99 /month
  • 10000 API calls / Month
  • AI based real-time categorization
  • Full-path URL categorization
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$499 /month
  • 50000 API calls / Month
  • AI based real-time categorization
  • Full-path URL categorization
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$1997 /month
  • 250000 API calls / Month
  • AI based real-time categorization
  • Full-path URL categorization
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I am surprised how accurate your product is. I am really shocked. I love it.
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The accuracy of the api is pretty good.
Thanks for excellent classifications and support.
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Thanks for high quality classifications of our several hundred thousands of products with your eCommerce classifier.

Purchase custom amount of API credits

If you have specific number of API calls that you need, which is different from the number available per plans, you can purchase them here: add credits.

If you have existing monthly plan, but have used up your credits, you can also use the same page to add credits.

Main Features is a provider of text and website content classification services based on proprietary machine learning technology.

Our main service supports website classification based on IAB Taxonomy (v3), supporting 4 Tiers (with 608 categories).

Our second classification service supports classification based on Google Shopping Taxonomy, with 5590 categories (6 Tiers), which is appropriate if your website content or texts are from the E-commerce domain.

Use Cases

  • AdTech: Our website categorization services are used for contextual targeting in real-time bidding. SSP companies can quickly identify an advertiser’s category to check its eligibility for ad placement.

  • Web Content Filtering and Parental Control: Our services help implement internal policies that govern which content is acceptable for viewing in the workplace. This includes filtering out non-work related websites, such as social media platforms and sports websites.

  • E-commerce: Our services enable efficient product categorization on online stores, leading to easier search, better filtering, higher conversion rates, more indexed pages, and better search engine rankings.

  • Brand Safety: Our services are used to restrict ads from appearing on websites that belong to sensitive categories.

  • Customer Analytics: Our services enable analysis of customers by categorization based on their websites, providing valuable insights into customer behavior and preferences.

Custom classifier based on clients own taxonomies

In addition to our two main classifiers, we also offer the service of developing highly accurate machine learning models for website classification that are based on our clients' own custom taxonomies. We have developed a method for obtaining large and relevant training data sets for custom taxonomies that enable us to offer this customization of website classifiers. As an alternative, we also offer adaptation to clients' taxonomy through mapping between IAB/E-commerce taxonomy and the client's taxonomy.

API Access and Language Support

Our service can be accessed via API or by using our dashboard. It accepts full-path URLs and returns real-time categorization results. We support the classification of website content and text in over 30 major languages.

Interpretable Classifiers with XAI Support

Our classifiers are interpretable and support Explainable Artificial Intelligence (XAI). For all classifiers, we provide machine interpretability and explainability of results. Our services provide an explanation of each classification by denoting the words in the website/text that contributed most to the resulting classification.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which payment options are available?

We accept payments with PayPal and all major credit cards. Our prices are listed in USD.

What is considered an API call?

Any HTTP request to one of our API endpoints counts as a request.

What occurs if I exceed my monthly quota?

If you exceed your monthly quota, the API (or Dashboard) will respond with notification "You have exceeded your usage limit". In this case, you can upgrade your plan or contact us for options on paying additional API credits.

Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

Yes, you can cancel subscription at any time.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund you for your payments, if you have not used the dashboard yet and have made refund request within 12 hours of your purchase.

Do you classify URLs by domain or actual URL paths?

We do not restrict ourselves to classification by domain only. We classify URLs by actual URL paths.

What languages do you support?

We support all languages.

Do you offer datasets of categorized websites?

Yes, we offer data sets of categorized websites. See home page for more information.