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In addition to our real-time, full-path URL classification service, we also provide an offline URL database, which contains millions of domains that we have already classified. You can check out a small sample of domains that we categorized here:

Sample of categorized domains (click to download)

The sample includes top 500 most popular domains worldwide.

Our current database includes categorization (IAB Tier 1 and Tier 2) of 2.7 million most popular domains. You can purchase it here, its price is 999 USD.

When purchasing the database, you also obtain the updates to main database for 6 months. Each weekly update adds 250,000 new domains that we classify each week and add it to the main database.

Offline database is ideal for those clients that need to have low latency in obtaining categorization of websites and/or want to integrate this data directly to their own applications.

One typical use is an internal system for web content filtering, which prevents employees to use social media, shopping or other non-work related websites. Recent other cases include Saas applications/platforms that need categorizations of millions of domains to improve their apps/platforms.

For informational purposes, we are adding below the chart of Tier 1 categories distribution for a sample of around 800,000 domains from our database:

Chart of Tier 2 categories distribution (showing only top 50) for a sample of domains from our database:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Which payment options are available?

We accept payments with PayPal. Our prices are listed in USD.

What is considered a request?

Any HTTP request to one of our endpoints, either using API or dashboard, counts as a request.

What occurs if I exceed my monthly quota?

If you exceed your monthly quota, the API (or Dashboard) will respond with notification "You have exceeded your usage limit". In this case, you can upgrade your plan or contact us for options on paying additional API credits.

Can I change my plan after sign up?

Yes, you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

What is your refund policy?

We will refund you for your payments, if you have not used the dashboard yet and have made refund request within 12 hours of your purchase.

Do you classify URLs by domain or actual URL paths?

We do not restrict ourselves to classification by domain only. We classify URLs by actual URL paths.

What languages do you support?

We support all major languages (20+) and can add support for other ones, on request.

Do you offer datasets of categorized websites?

Yes, we offer data sets of categorized websites, including 1+ million Shopify domains categorized in 1000+ e-commerce categories (with email, phone, social media contacts information). Contact us at [email protected] for more information.

Websitecategorizationapi.com offers automated classifications of websites, with both homepage and full path URL classifications. Our solution is available both in dashboard and as API. It is used for brand protection, marketing leads, online filtering, use in clients own applications and for other use cases.

Contact: [email protected]


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