Text classification (e-commerce texts)

Our deep learning classifier categorizes texts into categories, based on Ecommerce Taxonomy with 5590 distinct categories.

It has four levels or tiers:

  • - Tier 1 categorization (with 21 possible categories, including Electronics, Hardware, Health & Beauty and others),
  • - Tier 2 categorization (with 182 categories, including Decor, Athletics, Food Items and others),
  • - Tier 3 categorization (with 1360 categories, Audio Accessories, Motor Vehicle Parts, Remote Control Toys and others)
  • - optional Tier 4 categorization (with 5590 total distinct categories, including Baby & Toddler Belts, Baby & Toddler Gloves & Mittens and others).

If you are interested in general or non-ecommerce URL classification please check out our general text categorization.

If you want to categorize a webpage, please click here